Who We Are

We are people, of all ages and all walks of life. Each one of us is a sinner who is forgiven by God's favour.
Christ serves us so that we can serve others.
We live in and around Geelong, Victoria. We form part of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

The Lutheran Church is one of the Christian denominations in Australia. Government censuses indicate that about 250,000 Australians and New Zealanders identify as Lutheran. In practice, though, the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), which includes the Lutheran Church of New Zealand (LCNZ), is relatively small. The worldwide Lutheran Church, with just over 70 million adherents, is one of the major Christian churches in the world. You may have heard of some of the people with Lutheran connections mentioned in this You Tube clip.

To be Lutheran is to be

  • Evangelical
  • Sacramental
  • Diaconal
  • Confessional
  • Ecumenical

While the central convictions of the Lutheran tradition are not uniquely ours, its distinctive patterns and emphases shape the way in which we respond to the challenges and questions we face today.


A Safe Place

As part of the Lutheran Church of Australia, we aim to be a safe place. Sexual abuse by people in positions of trust has a destructive impact on the lives of many people. Such abuse is totally unacceptable to the church and to society as a whole. Those who hold positions of trust in the church are called to guard with great care the trust placed in them.
The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) takes very seriously its responsibility to ensure that all people who interact with the church are assured of a ‘safe place’, free from any form of sexual harassment or abuse. You can read more about the LCA's Ethical Standards and Policies.

The LCA has a confidential service for responding to complaints of sexual abuse/ harassment by church employees. Trained advisers are available to help.
1800 644 628 Australia
0800 356 887 New Zealand

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PO Box 519