God comes to us

Worship is at the heart of the church's life. We gather for worship every Sunday and on some other occasions as well. Our worship services are open for everyone. In worship, God serves his people through his word and holy sacraments, and empowers them to participate in his mission to the world.

The focus
in Lutheran worship
is not on our actions and feelings,
but on how God
faithfully and lovingly
comes to us and serves us.

Christian worship can happen in many different ways. Normally there will be readings from the Bible, some interpretation and application of the Bible readings for us, here and now, in the sermon, prayers and songs or hymns. Our worship often involves the celebration of Holy Communion. Sunday worship is all about God serving us and then sending us out in service to the world.

  • God forgives sins, so we can boldly speak the truth of our sinfulness.
  • God speaks through the Bible readings, sermon, liturgy, and hymns, proclaiming love and faithfulness.
  • God listens as we pray for the Church, the world and each other.
  • God feeds his gathered people through a holy meal of bread and wine, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
  • God remains present in and with his people, blessing them and sending them into their daily lives carriers of his love, mercy and peace.

We confess that we are sinners,
sinners who are embraced by God's boundless love
so that we may be agents
of God's forgiveness, favour and mercy in the world.

There is one main service each Sunday morning with preaching that is Biblical and Christ-centered. This service uses the historic forms of worship which have nourished the people of God for centuries, while also incorporating some new music and songs. Lutheran services are in the 'catholic' tradition, following the ancient liturgies and observing historic usage. This helps us to remember that God gathers us with people of all times and all places.
Communion is offered to all baptized Christians who believe that Jesus offers his body and blood with the bread and wine, and who wish to receive forgiveness of sins and the life that Jesus offers.

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